MAGIC IN VEINS – Introductory Post

Okay Hii Guiz and Galz!!!

So yeah I’m doing this finally! Starting my very own blog XD. Never would have I thought I’d start a blog in my entire fkn life. I don’t have a thing for writing, I just don’t. It’s not that I ain’t creative or too dumb and empty minded, it’s just that I can’t express myself through words, I’m more comfortable doing this verbally. Well I’m doing this now because of an obligatory college assignment according to which we are supposed to make atleast 10 blog posts.

I was too damn confused while choosing the theme of my blog, I just couldn’t think of a single topic that I could express through words so I just decided to write about myself, everything I do, my hobbies, my likes and dislikes etc etc and yeah lemme tell you , you’ll get to learn a lot from me XD  . I know no one would be interested in reading something about a person who isn’t a celebrity or a great personality but then that’s not my goal. This blog is gonna be like a personal (not so personal) diary of mine, open to the public.

I’m gonna share one good and productive thing I do everyday, it can be a food recipe(I’m a super amazing chef hehe) , a home decor idea, make up tips or even a new selfie clicking technique xD (damn I’m into everything ) , and yeah this is why I said you’re gonna benefit from my blogs XD I’m just so creative ya (just kidding).

So yes today I’m officially releasing ‘Magic In Veins’ 💃huhuhaha.

Stay tuned 🙈❤Loads of love xoxo


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