Hello readers!!!
I’ve got something super pretty for all of you today.
How many of you love decorating the interior walls of your house? I hope a lot of you cover your walls with something attractive; for example I’ve seen teens sticking posters of their favorite musical band or football team etc on the walls of their room, others put up paintings or quotes which they like.
Do you ever think why all of us never leave our walls blank and why decorating the interior walls of a house important? Well it’s just because elements like paintings or posters or any such thing brings life to your wall. Wall arts of any kind create a focal point, it instantly draws our attention and it’s always a pleasure to look at a pretty wall, also, it brings a sense of texture and makes the room look finished.
So today I decided to decorate the walls of my room. No, i didn’t buy an expensive painting nor did I stick up posters of any superhero or musical band . I decorated my room just using PAPER. Yessssss, just paper and glue and we’re done.
And this was the result-
Looks beautiful right?
I made it just by cutting paper strips and sticking them all together to form pretty flowers and birds and branches etc etc. It was so simple, low budget(because only paper and  glue broooo, super cheap naaa 😉 ) . So now I can click selfies in front of this wall and this’ll make them even more beautiful haha.
You guys can do it too. You just have to cut colourful paper sheets into whatever shape you want to and stick them up on your wall and change the vibe of your room.
So this was the only good and productive thing I did today. Hope you people liked it
Feedback is always welcome. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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