Hello readers!!!!

 I’m back here with another home decor idea. I just love decorating my room because who doesn’t want to stay in a beautiful colourful environment ? , but then I also like to do it  in an economically​ friendly manner and not by spending lots of money in buying fancy stuff and decorative items. So today I spent half of my day in making my room pretty and I did it all by myself and  yeah the results were super amazing.Trust me guys you yourself can completely change the look of your room/house and make it look the way you want to all by yourself. 

You just need PAPER, COLOURS, GLUE, SCISSORS, THREAD AND TAPE. Unbelievable right? I’m just gonna share the pictures of my room and you’ll get an idea about how you can create a beautiful space for yourself in your very own way.

These lovely butterflies and colourful drawings on the walls give a positive and fresh look to the room. I’ve just not left the room since I’ve decorated it because I feel soooooo comfortable staying in here, in such a pretty environmental all around me.

You guys can create a beautiful space for yourself too by hanging stuff and decorating the walls with anything of your choice. I hope you guys liked it and I really wish this post inspires you to do something of this kind for yourself too.

Stay tuned for more. Xoxo


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