Hello readers!!!

I’m so sorry that I couldn’t post anything for the past 2 days. I got caught up with something but yasss I’m back here with another amazing post for you guys. 

I went for shopping yesterday and guess what, I got so many lipsticks and the shades are very pretty. 

Lipstick is the only makeup product that completely changes our look even when used solely. And I’m sure that Every girl, even the ones who are not good at applying makeup have 2-3 shades of lipstick because it’s too easy to apply and makes you look good. So today I’m gonna tell you guys about 5 lipstick shades all of us MUST have no matter what her skin complexion is.

1) Purple – when you need a little bit of colour to brighten your face. Not too light and not too dark. 

2) Pink/Magenta – pretty much suits all types of skin tones. Makes you look good without any makeup too.

3) Red – it’s a timeless classic shade. Looks perfect with black winged eyeliner. The right red matching your complexion should be chosen.

4) Brown – glams up your look. Perfect for Indian skin tones.

6) Nude  – for times when you want a no-makeup look. Goes with anything and everything.

I hope this post was helpful for all the girls out there who are usually confused while choosing lipstick shades. 
Feedback is always welcome :)Stay tuned for more xoxo


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