13 REASONS WHY – can’t get over it

Hello readers!!!

I recently finished watching 13 REASONS WHY- a Netflix original series that’s based on the book Thirteen Reasons Why  written by Jay Asher. This show has literally fucked up my mind. I just can’t take it off my head. For those of you who don’t know what the show is about, it’s a story of a teenage girl who gets bullied in her highschool to the extent that she ends up killing herself. She records 13 tapes before committing suicide and each tape holds her sad story and one reason that lead her to take such a huge step.

Guys, I just want to say that please be nice to people. Don’t be mean. You never know how much something said/done by you can affect the other person. You never know how emotionally weak the other person is. You never know how lonely he/she is. Just DON’T HURT OTHERS. DON’T BETRAY OTHERS. DON’T DAMAGE THEM PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY.


Also guys, if you see someone sad and lonely around you, please don’t leave them alone. Talk, just talk to them. Let them know they aren’t alone. Don’t ignore suicidal ideations of somebody. Be there for people and help them out. You being nice to them will bring a huge change in their lives as well as in yours. Because, obviously you don’t want to end up becoming someone’s reason of death.

And any of you out there who’s depressed, just remember you’re not alone, you are a strong person and you have to live for yourself, for your parents. There are good and bad days. You have to let go of the bad days. Stay positive and PLEASE TALK AND SHARE YOUR FEELINGS WITH SOMEONE YOU TRUST. 

Lots of love 🙂 stay tuned for more!


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