MUSHROOM BABY CORN CURRY- best alternative of lamb fry

Hello readers!!!

I’m back here with another tasty and healthy recipe. I made mushroom and baby corn curry today. The recipe is very simple to make and the flavour and aroma of this dish is distinct.


Heat oil in a pan, add whole garam masala, cumin seeds and when they crackle add chopped onions, salt, turmeric, ginger garlic paste and cook. Add curry leaves and chopped gr chillies, add tomatoes and cook for few min.Add mushrooms and cook till they are soft. In another pan add butter, add crushed garlic, pepper, cumin seeds mixture to it add coriander pwdr and cumin pwdr add the cooked mushroom mixture and cook till the moisture evaporates and dry.Finish with lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with Indian bread of your choice.

Happy cooking. Stay tuned for more.



Hello readers!!!!

 I’m back here with another home decor idea. I just love decorating my room because who doesn’t want to stay in a beautiful colourful environment ? , but then I also like to do it  in an economically​ friendly manner and not by spending lots of money in buying fancy stuff and decorative items. So today I spent half of my day in making my room pretty and I did it all by myself and  yeah the results were super amazing.Trust me guys you yourself can completely change the look of your room/house and make it look the way you want to all by yourself. 

You just need PAPER, COLOURS, GLUE, SCISSORS, THREAD AND TAPE. Unbelievable right? I’m just gonna share the pictures of my room and you’ll get an idea about how you can create a beautiful space for yourself in your very own way.

These lovely butterflies and colourful drawings on the walls give a positive and fresh look to the room. I’ve just not left the room since I’ve decorated it because I feel soooooo comfortable staying in here, in such a pretty environmental all around me.

You guys can create a beautiful space for yourself too by hanging stuff and decorating the walls with anything of your choice. I hope you guys liked it and I really wish this post inspires you to do something of this kind for yourself too.

Stay tuned for more. Xoxo



Hello readers!!

I’ve got a food recipe for you all once again. Today I made a dish using tofu. Tofu is paneer (cottage cheese) made with soya milk. It’s very very very healthy, rich in protein and really beneficial for people who are on a diet. Also, for people who don’t eat nonveg anymore and are vegetarians, this dish i.e. Tofu Keema will give you all the flavours any nonveg Keema dish would’ve given you, so this way you don’t miss out on any flavour. 

The recipe is very simple guys and it’s really very healthy. 

So here we go,


Tofu (soft) – 250 gms

Carrot (shredded) – 2

Green peas – 1 cup

Onions (very finely chopped) – 5

Tomatoes – 6-7

Cumin seeds – 1tsp

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Garam masala – 1 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder – 1 tsp

Salt to taste


Take oil in a pan and when it gets heated, add cumin seeds. Add turmeric. Then add onions and sauté till golden brown. Add ginger garlic paste to this. Sauté for 3-4 mins. Then add tofu and mash it with the onions. Once the tofu is completely mixed with the onions, add tomatoes. Sauté it till it leaves oil on the sides. Then add garam masala, red chilli powder and salt. Mix well. At last add green peas and cover the lid for 4-5 mins. Mix well. 

Serve hot with any Indian bread of your choice.
Hope you guys like it. Happy cooking!

Stay tuned for more 🙂 xoxo

DAAL MAKHANI- favorite with almost all gourmets

Hello readers! ( I’m just assuming that I’ve a great number of followers on the second day of my blog XD)

Okay so as I mentioned in my Introductory post that I’ll be sharing one good productive thing I do everyday and it’ll be something you guys can benefit from, I’ve something super amazing for you guys today.

I have got you all a classic recipe of a classic Indian dish.

So yeahh, I made DAAL MAKHANI today, yayyy!!!

For my readers who don’t know what it exactly is, lemme explain it to you. Daal Makhaani is a rich and flavourful Punjabi dish made from black lentils and loadsss of butter(after all makhani hai boss).
I had tried making this a lot of times before but always failed to get the perfect dhaba-style flavour. Today I cracked the exact recipe of this lovely dish and I’m sure you guys are gonna love it. It usually takes 8-9 hours in the preparation process but I made this dish in just 2 hours.
So here’s the magical recipe guys :


1) Pick and clean daal. Add 1.5 litres of water to the daal and pressure cook over a low flame till grain splits and daal is mashed.
2) Stir the lentils vigorously to mash them.
3) Add the tomato purée, ginger and garlic pastes, salt and chilli powder and cook for an hour till the daal is thick.
4) Keep aside 10 gm butter and all the rest to the daal along with cream and cook for another 15 minutes, stirring continuously till the fat is incorporated into the daal and you get the desirable consistency.


Add all the reserved butter and serve hot with tandoori roti or naan.
I hope you guys try this recipe and like it. Feel free to give any kind of feedback .

Thankyouuuu ! Stay tuned for something special everyday 🙂